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The Software That Powers Our Creative Studio

Updated: Jun 6

Running a creative studio is a lot of work.

From project management, invoicing and financing, to creative editing, social media and design, we rely on a suite of powerful software tools to manage our business efficiently.

Here are some of the key tools we use on a daily basis:

ClickUp - project management This is the core of our entire business. ClickUp keeps us on task and in sync. ClickUp is better than any other project management software that we've used (and we've tried a lot!).

17 Hats - CRM

17 Hats is for customer relationship management. This is where we send contracts and invoices and manage all our bookings. It is perhaps the most important tool we use to run our business!

Wave - finances

Wave is great for keeping track of finances. It's free and simple to use!

Wix - website, email newsletter

Wix is how we create and manage our website. It's also how we send newsletters and manage class signups.

Davinci Resolve - video editing

If you're wanting to try out a video editing software, Davinci Resolve is the way to go. They even have a free version!

Wipster - video sharing

We use Wipster to upload and share videos with clients. We love how easy it is for clients to review videos and leave feedback for us.

Opus Clip - social media videos

This is one of our secret weapons. Opus Clip will take a long form video, like a podcast, and create short social media snippets automatically using the power of AI. Opus will add captions and pick sections of your video that will get attention on social media.

Canva - graphic design

Yep, even professionals use Canva. Canva is the easiest way to design quick graphics.

Pinterest - moodboards

Pinterest is great for creating moodboards for photo shoots or branding. Check out these 2 boards we use often: Studio Poses, Professional Portraits

Slack - internal communication

Slack is how our team communicates with each other on a minute-to-minute basis. We also setup dedicated channels with our regular customers.

Spark - email app

Spark is how we super charge our email communication. Email is an outdated solution that needs some help sometimes. And Spark is the answer. Spark allows our team to use email much better than the traditional Gmail or Mail app. We can chat in our email threads, share drafts, and link all of our email accounts easily.

Peerspace and Giggster - online booking software

Peerspace and Giggster are like the AirBnB of creative space rentals. We list both our production studio and podcast studio on these sites. This is how we get lots of people looking to rent our studio. They take a small cut (~15%) but it's worth it to get the new clients.

Why We Love These Tools

Each of these software solutions plays a vital role in helping us streamline our operations and deliver exceptional creative work to our clients. Having good systems in place will make your business run much smoother.

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